What were you doing before CrossFit?  

I have always been active and love trying new workouts.  I have been doing yoga for 10+ years but other parts of my fitness have always gone through phases: running, cycling, lifting.  Mostly because they become I always found myself injured from the repetition – and usually burned out or bored.  I heard about crossfit a few years ago and did an intro series at a box in FL when I lived there.  At the time, I knew I would love the workout but didn’t care for the vibe at the gym – it was really intimidating and not very welcoming.  

Why did you start doing CrossFit?  

Last fall I was recovering from a running injury and looking for a workout that could replace the “runner’s high” that I was missing.  That’s when I decided to re-check out crossfit.  As it turns out, crossfit offers the most amazing workout high ever plus a lot more.  After checking out a few affiliate gyms via websites, I decided to check out SISU with a co-worker and friend of mine because it is close to our office.  After the foundation series, I knew I was going to be hooked.  I love the variation in the workouts and the focus on form and overall fitness.  I still do yoga – it is really the only thing that I do outside of crossfit but I think they complement each other really well with strength and flexibility.  Crossfit has become more than a short-term fix for me.  I learn something new in pretty much every class and still feel like a beginner…but there is nothing like finally “getting” double unders or some other movement that wasn’t achievable at first!

What apprehensions did you have before starting?  

I was really nervous to go to crossfit because I found it intimidating – and assumed I had to not only be a hardcore athlete but also interested in living a 100% paleo lifestyle.  SISU is a perfect hybrid of everything I am looking for in a crossfit gym – while it offers the tools/resources to deliver that for some people, I know I can scale it to fit my lifestyle and still get huge benefits.  I remember Coach Massie saying during the foundation series that no matter who you are, you will see some improvement in your life after doing crossfit for a few months – and he was so right!  The culture is awesome – and although there are gyms closer to my current home, I wouldn’t consider switching.  The coaches are knowledgeable, encouraging and always push me to the next level.  They are always finding ways to evolve the gym and make it more of what people keep coming back for.  I love the people at SISU – everyone is fun and people celebrate wins…even though we are competing individually, it really feels like a team sport.  Probably a big part of why I love the Saturday workouts so much…!  

All in all, I am definitely one of those people now – who you will know does crossfit because I can’t seem to not bring it up at some point with most everyone I know!