New Programming Cycle | March 2023

by Thomas Richards

With The Open finishing up this week, we wanted to give everyone a look at our next programming cycle. Before we dive into the next cycle, here’s what we’ve accomplished far this year: 

We completed a 6 Week Open Prep cycle (January 2nd – February 12th):

Focused on:

  • SISU Winter League
  • Gymnastics Skills & Conditioning
  • Open Style Workouts and Movements
  • Strength Maintenance

We’re now finishing up a 3 Week Open Cycle (February 13th – March 5th) that’s focused on:

  • Optimizing Open workout performance
  • Touch on movements early in the week we think could show up for the workouts
  • GPP

In addition to the goals set above, we’ve seen TONS of PRs on our Olympic lifts the last month, which we’ll use as our benchmark for the next cycle.

Next cycle, starting Monday, March 6th. 

This cycle will start with a four-week base building block, where we’ll be following a volume progression for four weeks. We’re going to focus on squatting variations and pressing variations as our foundation. Then we’ll transition into a strength block where we’ll ramp up our percentages and deload the volume. 

With this Strength Cycle, we will be adding a CrossFit Class on Saturdays at all locations. This is to help smooth out the programming so we’re providing enough rest & recovery to our specific muscle groups. This will take effect on March 18th. Details on the class schedule to come next week.

We’ll also be testing and retesting two benchmark workouts. One of them is the Filthy Fifty and the other is a brand-new SISU Benchmark workout!

As always, we will continue to focus on GPP (General Physical Preparedness) which is the foundation of the CrossFit methodology. You’ll see all of the variety you’re used to in the Metcons and plenty of gymnastics!

Here is the cycle laid out in a macro view. 

We hope you’re as excited as we are to get started on this new cycle. Please reach out to me if you have ANY questions/comments/concerns –!

– Thomas Richards