SISU Transformation: Dave Costa

About Dave

I am an engineer who loves to be creative, ride motorcycles, and do active things with my favorite people. I have been doing Crossfit for 6 years now!

Finding SISU Nutrition

I read the emails that get sent out with everyone’s awesome transformations. I wanted to feel better overall. I also saw the results that Emily Rodgers was having and that really convinced me it was time to give it a try. My main goal was to be as healthy as possible.

Life Changing Habits and Relationships

Prior to the program, I feel like I ate healthily, but weekends would become loose – I love me some ice cream and Caribou Caramel Coolers. Cutting that out and staying diligent made a huge difference. I signed up to work with Coach Christina and I trusted her completely. We ended up doing better than the original goals we set in place and that was an amazing feeling. She was the best! She was always supportive, knowledgeable. She took all the guesswork out and made me feel confident about what we were doing.

Advice for Your Past Self

I would tell myself to try to figure out what’s for dinner first and plan the rest of your day around it. Having abs is cool but eating pasta with your favorite person is even cooler and making both of those things work together is completely doable. Do what you can to not inconvenience the other people in your home because this program is about finding balance and having both is more than achievable.

Going Forward

I will continue to track what I eat and hit my macro goals. It makes such a difference in the way I feel, look, and move. 

Crunching the Numbers

I lost a little over 19lbs in 12 weeks! I’m the leanest I’ve ever been – I haven’t been this weight since I was in High School!