SISU Transformation: Stef Reeves

About Stef

I grew up in Plymouth, MN and have loved being a native to this wonderful state. In high school, I swam competitively on the swim and dive team. I attended Iowa State University where I studied Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering. I have a passion for furthering and positively impacting human lives which brought me to the medical device field and where I am currently an R&D Engineer at a medical device company.

When I’m not at work or at the gym, you can probably find me spending time with my family and friends, doing something active outside like biking or playing sports with my husband, enjoying the Minnesota lakes, and cooking up a storm.

Finding SISU

I started coming to SISU fall of 2018. I had recently completed my first CrossFit competition which was defeating and discouraging to say the least. However, I was so encouraged and motivated by some of the top athletes at the competition that I decided to change something. I decided to look for a gym that could meet my expectations and help me reach my goals. I was lucky enough to find SISU and not only has it helped me reach my goals, but has exceeded my expectations in so many ways, like the fantastic coaching and community.

Ready for a Change

When I graduated college, I was on a mission to lose weight before my wedding. I managed to lose a few pounds but nothing impressive. I couldn’t really figure out what it was that I was doing wrong or why I wasn’t able to get into better shape. When I joined SISU, I read several articles from the nutrition program on “SISU Transformations”, and I was seriously so impressed and motivated. I didn’t even hesitate to sign up because I was so ready to be all in. Besides losing weight, I wanted to do the SISU Nutrition program in order to perform better at the gym and be able to work towards goals I had set for myself.

SISU Nutrition

My awesome SISU nutrition coach Billy was such a key role in this journey! It was super helpful to have someone to challenge you, hold you accountable, and be a source of encouragement along the way. Honestly, after the first few weeks, I already could feel a change in my body and in my workouts. My outlook on food changed very quickly. Prior to the SISU nutrition program, I tried different types of eating lifestyles or diets. However, nothing was as effective as eating healthy with the right macronutrients for your body.

Initially, I was skeptical because I had so much freedom to choose what to eat and still expect to see results. After a few weeks, preparing meals and snacks seemed second nature. I could stop viewing food as a reward and feeling guilty after eating something unhealthy and started viewing food as fueling and enjoyable. I love cooking and trying new foods, so I have really enjoyed trying new recipes with healthier and more nutritious ingredients. A change in my nutrition has also greatly affected how I feel and perform at the gym. The foods I choose to eat give me plenty of energy and have helped me build strength and endurance along the way.

Encouragement to Others

Stay dedicated and disciplined. I would say I gave myself too much grace and would loosely follow plans before the nutrition program, but when I started the program, I had goals set in mind and knew that in order for me to achieve them I had to try my best to stay disciplined and find a sustainable way of eating well.

Going Forward

I haven’t stopped! I continue to make mindful and good decisions with food. The best part about this program is that it is sustainable and realistic which makes it simple to adapt as a habit in your daily life.