The “Jess” Jakositz

Please tell us a little bit about yourself:  

I’m originally from NJ (the Joisey Shawww). Just a girl learning how to have fun while navigating through the Minnesota Niceness without offending too many along the way. I really appreciate red wine and good food.

When and why did you start doing CrossFit?

In 2011, I moved to DE for work. A coworker invited me to try this workout-in-a-box thing after seeing me working out in our tiny office weight room alone all the time.  

What made you decide to come to CrossFit SISU?

Ha! I was going through a breakup. I decided that I had put off re-joining CrossFit for too long. I took advantage of the extra “me” time I suddenly had, and seized the opportunity to “share my feelings” with heavy toys at SISU…

What were you doing before and what apprehensions did you have before starting CrossFit?

I’d been gym hopping (one of the cool perks about working at lululemon), so was doing cross training, hot yoga, pilates, spinning, etc…. I was super excited to start at SISU, but since I was (and still am!) working on polishing my MN friend-making skillz, wasn’t sure if anyone would ever talk to Jersey Jess.

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit SISU Intro class?

“This place is legit.”  Jason pointed out like 86 things wrong with my air squat…and I thought I’d been CrossFitting for 2 years…

What’s the greatest benefit you see so far since starting at CrossFit SISU?

I’ve learned a ton about functional movement and love that I get to push myself alongside some amazingly talented athletes. Relationships are so important to me; feeling like a part of the family has made being an MN newbie so much more enjoyable.

How has being at CrossFit SISU enriched your life outside of the box?

There are way more exciting things to talk about during work at Polaris now! Ok, and I’m stronger and faster and happier.

Please share any special memories or achievements during your time at CrossFit SISU:  

Just hanging out with an awesome group and becoming part of the SISU family. I’m very, very thankful for all of you J  

What advice would you give to a person thinking about joining our SISU Community?

Come play! We are of all different types and shapes and sizes and goals, united by a love of fun and fitness. That sounds incredibly corny. I don’t give advice, I just kindly pressure people until they agree to come to a class with me.

Favorite WOD?

Maybe something with some KBS and TTB with running sprinkled in for recovery.  

Secret Ninja exercise?  

I’m really good at the crouching-down thing that we do during warmup. I can hang out in a squat down there forever.  

My not so secret sucky is:­­

Snatches. And letting my legs go far enough back in a handstand to make it more than two steps.

My favorite cheat meal?

A crusty-on-the-outside-chewy-on-the-inside baguette from somewhere in Europe with some good cheese and cured meat. Red wine. A hot brownie with vanilla ice cream.