Before & After: Matt Towns

Matt has been a SISU member and an amazing part of our fitness community for nearly 5 years. Check out his story below:

“I have been reading and taking part in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace, and it came upon me that I am a tortoise.

When I came to SISU on 31 July 2018. I’d gotten myself down from my highest weight of 510lbs by being careful of how much I ate and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. My strength gains became very apparent within weeks because of SISU.

Fast forward to the end of 2020. We just came out of lockdown. I decided to talk with Christina about SISU Nutrition. Starting weight 467lbs.

Let me level set for you real quick. You get out of this [SISU Nutrition] exactly what you put in. The coaches aren’t there to make your meals or plan them for you. That’s something that I struggled with greatly at the beginning. They are there to COACH you. Having been part of every diet fad out there (Weight Watchers, soup, Atkin’s, KETO before it was a name, grapefruit, fish (I hate fish) there was always the hint of fault when the weight didn’t come off. I remember being told that I didn’t follow the plan at WW’s one time because if I had I would have lost weight. SISU Nutrition isn’t in that game. Your macros are given to you by your coach, and it’s a very tough thing to do. You think you’re going to mess up. Trust me, you are. Track it. Want a piece of (insert favorite item here), totally fine!!! TRACK IT.

Here’s my point about being the tortoise. For so long I wanted to be the hare and use speed to get things done. I work in the tech world. Tech is notoriously lazy, and if it can be automated, it is. I was looking for someone to just do it for me. But for two years since starting SISU Nutrition, I have had plateaus, ups (job stress will do that to you) but I have had my downs. Weigh in this past Monday was 359 pounds.

151 pounds total. 108 of that with SISU and SISU Nutrition.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Be a tortoise.”

– Matt Towns, SISU Nutrition client


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