Shayla Schotzko – SISU Featured Athlete

Meet Shayla Schotzko – our SISU Featured Athlete!

Finding CrossFit

I started doing CrossFit about a year and a half ago. Prior to that, I stayed active with CorePower yoga sculpt, running, and biking. I was first introduced to CrossFit through my friend Dane Schneider who had been trying for years to get me to join SISU. One day, it seemed right. I gave it a try and immediately loved it!

All the Benefits

CrossFit has been incredibly beneficial to the activities I take part in outside of the gym. Both my running and skiing have improved since starting CrossFit. I’m also so excited to be able to do pull-ups now! As for my health, I did a body composition test recently, and my body fat percentage has decreased by 4%. Yay! My next major CrossFit goal is to get my first ring muscle up sometime in the next year!

Just Try It!

I would recommend CrossFit to anyone. To someone who is hesitant to start, I say just do it! There are so many benefits, and SISU is great! And the coaches – I’ve done every workout possible and have been to every gym out there it feels like, and SISU coaches are incredible.

Secret Ninja Movement


Not So Favorite Movement


Favorite Cheat Meal

Chips and salsa