SISU News & Updates – May 2018

New Class Changes

We listened to your feedback from the survey results, and we’re adding more class options on the weekends. We want to open up some earlier class times to allow people to get in and out of the gym sooner on Saturdays.
We’re also changing the name of Butt Camp to SISU-X. For those of you who are used to attending Butt Camp, nothing about the workouts/format will change. We are making the name change simply to prevent confusion from new members thinking that we’re doing a butt workout on Saturdays. Butt Camp is generally a ‘no barbell’ class so calling it SISU-X aligns with our class descriptions.
We’re also introducing a new class to the Saturday schedule: Endurance/Intervals. This class will combine your classic monostructural exercises (Running, Rowing, Airbike, etc.) in a variety of time domains to keep intensity high in order to maximize results. Expect to be breathing hard for all 45 minutes! If this class gains a lot of traction we would love to expand it to other times throughout the week. Let us know what you think of it!

New Class Schedule

7:30am – CrossFit Class
8:30am – Endurance/Intervals
9:30am – SISU-X
10:30am – Open Gym
7:30am – Power Yoga
8:30am – Endurance/Intervals
9:30am – SISU-X
10:30am – Open Gym
The Sunday schedule will remain the same at both locations.

SISU Summer Throwdown

This is our fourth year hosting the SISU Summer Throwdown. For those of you unfamiliar, the SSTD is a two day, Male/Female partner competition hosted at our Excelsior location. We’ve had a variety of challenges each year – the first year, we held a swim at Excelsior beach; the second year, we had a sandbag run on the Excelsior path; and last year, we hosted a 1.5 mile trail run at the Minnewashta Regional Park.

We’ve added a new Intermediate division this year to open up some space for people not quite ready for full Rx workouts but not challenged by scaled workouts. Check out the movement standards on the SSTD website or talk to a coach to find out what division is right for you.
Every year, we’ve taken the proceeds from the Throwdown and purchased new equipment for the gym. The most recent purchase being all new matting for the Plymouth location and 7 Assault Bikes for each gym. With new classes being added and growing locations, we’re due for some equipment to be refreshed.
Find a partner and get signed up! If you need help finding a partner, reach out to Christina or Thomas.

The Brost Clinic Memorial Day Challenge

We’re gearing up for Murph again this year – it’s right around the corner!
Come join us in the Excelsior Commons for our annual event to raise money for the Minnesota Military Family Foundation. You can sign up with a partner or do it alone – Scaled, Rx, or go for the Elite division with a vest!
Here is the link to get signed up: