SISU Transformation – Jena Byron

At SISU, we are all about helping you become the best version of yourself, whether that is staying fit enough to compete in a chosen sport, strong enough to hit a new PR in the gym, or healthy enough to live a long and active life. One of the side effects of getting healthy and fit is having more confidence in your appearance! While we generally put more emphasis on performance over aesthetics in classes, the fact remains that we care about how we look, and it feels good to look good.


Jena has been a SISU member for about a year and a half and recently completed the 12-week SISU Nutrition Program with Coach Christina Schlitz. Through regular class attendance and fully embracing the Nutrition Program, she has seen awesome results. Here are Jena’s thoughts on the Nutrition Program:

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting, and I am pretty pumped about these 12 weeks. This is something I’ve wanted to do for too many year. Now’s it’s been 12 weeks – wowzers. I thought I’d pass on the top 10 (+1) lessons I’ve learned throughout this journey…
  1. Christina is a tremendous cheerleader, exceptionally knowledgeable and brutally honest (all equally as helpful throughout this process) 
  2. You don’t have to only eat rubbery chicken and salads to lose weight.
  3. Age, family life, occupation, daily struggles, etc. can be worked around. If I can do this, anyone can do this.  
  4. It turns out that exercising is way more fun when you’re in better shape.  
  5. If you find yourself with an empty bowl of jelly beans in front of you, it’s ok.  There’s no need to panic.  Key word – balance. 
  6. It’s true what they keep saying – planning ahead and food prep are crucial, and (I promise) so, so easy.
  7. Carbs are ok! (Thank God!!)
  8. You can still leave your home, go on vacations, go to restaurants and be successful. 
  9. Take a rest day – from exercise, not macros (Thankfully I learned that one early on) 
  10. It took less than 12 weeks to undo (too many) years of bad habits and letting go of old diet myths.  It’ll take way more than 12 weeks to get to a final goal and maintain that for the rest of my life…hopefully.
  11. My clothes went from not fitting very well to not fitting at all (but for the opposite reason).


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