SISU Transformation: Chris Smith

About Chris

I’ve been married to my wonderful wife Kristin for 14 years, and we have two great kids Evan (8) and Elise (4), plus two dogs just to add to the insanity. I work at Piper Sandler as an internal business consultant which means I essentially do for the businesses units what the SISU coaches do for all of us. I make them stronger, leaner, and faster. I played football in HS, rowed in college and ran the occasional marathon afterwards. Hobbies would be cooking and CrossFit, with not a lot of time for anything else.

Finding SISU

I had been going to a CrossFit gym in south Minneapolis for about a year after a neighbor introduced me to the box. We then moved out to Tonka Bay, and I was pretty stoked to join given SISU’s reputation in the community. I’ve been at SISU for almost three years now.    

Making a Change

It was the classic tale of Chris vs. time. I felt like I was losing endurance and quickness to age, and I was ready for a change. The timing felt right to fight back, and I decided to give the SISU Nutrition program a go.

On the fitness side, I did not change much, although the quarantine did make for an interesting journey. I was already working out regularly and continued to do so while doing the SISU Nutrition program. The real change for me was tracking and logging everything I was putting into my body. I’m a foodie at heart and thought I was eating fairly healthy, but I was surprised at the daily swings between the various macros. With Christina’s help, I was able to lock in the right balance and shed the pounds week after week.  

A New Perspective & Looking Ahead

Getting my nutrition on track re-energized me and brought me to a better mental state and physical well-being. I’m thankful for the timing as, frankly, I would have gained as much as I lost over this lockdown. For anyone trying to get into a good nutrition habit, I’d say just take 5 mins to plan out the day, stay focused and make it happen. I fully intend to keep logging daily and continue to trust the process.