SISU Transformation: Julie Sturm

About Julie

I work at TCF as an Information Security Analyst and am married to my husband Jeff. We have two grown sons – Taylor and Brody. I love spending time with friends and family at our small cabin in the summers – boating, fishing and just being in the sun. I also enjoy my motorcycle as often as I can. As far as athletics, I have played softball since I was a kid as well as played some recreational volleyball in high school.

I started coming to SISU a year ago. I had searched for the closest gyms to my work, knowing that going home first can be too much of a distraction for me and I’d never leave for the gym. Finding SISU, I came in and talked to coach Christina. She asked me what my goals were and my response was simply “not being fat and let out some frustration”. She replied, “Great! We can do that! See ya tomorrow!”  We spoke for a few more minutes and in that short time she was so friendly and encouraging that I did start the very next day and have never looked back!

Fitness & Nutrition

There were a couple reasons for wanting to make a change and dive into the classes and later the SISU Nutrition program. First, I had lost my Mom suddenly just a few month earlier. Dealing with her loss and her estate, I had so many negative emotions, and I was not taking care of myself. A lot of wine and laziness. I needed to do something to release all my frustration and anger in a more positive way. Something to get me moving instead of sitting around.

Second, during the previous summer at our cabin, anytime we were out in the boat on the water all I wanted to do was cover myself up. I wasn’t comfortable with myself in a swimsuit or any type of summer clothing. We had booked a vacation for the following spring, and I just wanted to be comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to enjoy where we were going, what we were doing – truly enjoy the moment and not have a constant nagging feeling that I needed to cover up.

Making Changes

When I first started, I was 100% dedicated to simply show up, do the best I could and that was it! No judging myself too harshly or overthinking it. Just show up! After one month, I made a New Year’s resolution to change my attitude as well: to be positive when dealing with the stress of life and not let it drag me down emotionally and physically. I used the gym as a release instead of as a task that I “had to do”. After about 8 months, I started the SISU Nutrition program with Christina. I have learn so much about macronutrients, food timing and a general sense of what foods make my body function better. I think the accountability really makes it all kick in to high gear! Each part of the program has its own important building block but when they all come together with documentation and accountability – you have a crystal clear path of what works and what doesn’t.

Now I feel so much more comfortable no matter the clothes. Many people seem to just accept that with age comes weight, but I’ve never been very good at just conceding to the idea that I’m older so I should be heavier. I don’t feel that way inside so I definitely don’t want to look that way on the outside. I am proud that, at 45 years old, I am stronger than I have been in a very long time, making everyday tasks wildly easier.

To Someone Thinking about Starting

If you’re thinking about coming to SISU or starting the Nutrition program, don’t think – just show up! I’m very guilty of the saying “paralyses by analysis”.  Once you make the goal too big in your head, it can seem impossible to accomplish and then unbearable to even begin. Also, give it some time while expecting nothing. Change comes, but never as fast as WE think it should so just take a few weeks to form new habits, learn moves and technique and next thing you know – your pants are baggy!

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