SISU Transformation: Mahesh Seshadri

Check out this amazing transformation from SISU Athlete Mahesh Seshadri! We are all smiles over here about the SISU Nutrition program and these results!

“I work as a Supplier Quality Engineer at Polaris. My wife, Nandini also works out at SISU. My hobbies are playing cricket, CrossFit, watching movies.

When I joined SISU, I started learning about the nutrition program and saw experiences and results other members had and I wanted to give it a try. The SISU nutrition program helped me assess my previous diet and allowed me to continue to eat my favorite foods! I started the program with the goal of losing weight and improving endurance. I grew stronger and improved my overall athleticism with the help from Coach Christina – she guided me well during the program!

To everyone who is starting this journey, it is worth a try! It can be hard in the beginning but it becomes easier and you will reap rewards. I’m down over 20 lbs!”