SISU Transformation – Bret Abbott

About Bret

I am principal owner of Intereum, a commercial interiors company creating great places for working, learning, and healing. I have 3 children, Devin (F) 20, Erin (F) 18, and Jack 16. I have always enjoyed weight training and have been lifting weights since I was in high school. Throughout my 20’s and 30’s, I spent 12 years learning and training with National Karate Schools and earned a second degree Black Belt during that time. I competed locally and nationally in sport karate and even made my way to Europe for competition. In the early 2000’s, I spent considerable time training for triathlons and running races, including the Twin Cities Marathon. Hobbies include tactical shooting sports, hiking and scuba diving. I am also an avid Alpine skier and enjoy multiple mountain trips per year.

Finding CrossFit

I began at SISU on August 1, 2017, as a fitness pursuit with my son Jack. It began as a father/son endeavor and has turned into a full time focused challenge for me. I have been friends with (owner) Pat Crosby for many years and have always seen his company as a “real deal” true athlete/coach program.

I have always valued fitness, health, and competition. CrossFit is the ideal fitness methodology to challenge yourself. Along with that, it became evident to me that to increase skills and strength, I had to focus on nutrition.

SISU Nutrition

I began to work with coach Josh Freitas on SISU Nutrition this last spring. I was very surprised with what I thought was sports nutrition vs. the macro nutrient program presented by Josh.

I have been through 12 weeks of nutrition programming and have been amazed at the ease of tracking and planning. I moved from 192lbs to 177lbs in 12 weeks. Since starting at SISU to now, I have moved from 206lbs to 177lbs. My cholesterol numbers have decreased by 25% which has cut my medication in half. I have also increased my ability to perform bodyweight movements tremendously.

One Word of Advice When Starting Out

Look at your fitness and health holistically, understanding the vital role that nutrition plays in your over-all performance. By focusing one workout and one day at a time, you will be amazed at your results very quickly.

Looking Forward

Deep habits are formed after 12 weeks, and I now know how, when, and what to eat to maximize my performance, my ability to learn new CrossFit skills, and to look good! Because of my fitness level, I will be climbing Grand Teton in Wyoming at the end of July. Fitness basically opens a world of challenging activities. More to come!