SISU Transformation: Max Carideo

Meet Max Carideo – our latest SISU Transformation story. If you’re interested in starting your own transformation journey, check out the SISU Nutrition Program for more information or to schedule your free consultation!

About Max

I’m a mechanical engineer for Graco (paint sprayers, not the baby seats!), and I’ve designed everything from joysticks to motorcycles to giant truck trailer refrigeration systems. I’m the oldest of four kids. I’ve never been an athlete; I was always an academic, so my hobbies are things like “I’m in a bowling league”, “I’m an obnoxious movie critic”, and other nerdy things I can share a little less publicly…

You Started Coming to SISU Because…

I started on January 3, 2017, and if you want a funny story, ask (Coach) Christina or me about my over-analytical nature during our interaction through the signup process. I actually started CrossFit because I was told I couldn’t do it by, believe it or not, a coach at a different CrossFit gym! There’s a longer, more interesting story behind that too, so don’t be shy to ask about that as well…

What Was Your “Why”?

Well, first, it’s quite the shock when the scale reads 355lbs. Second, I was just getting tired of being “the big/fat guy” in my family and group of friends, and third, I just wanted to see if I could really change myself that drastically.

Steps Towards Transformation

I cleaned up my diet by doing some macro(nutrient) counting on my own with some extremely helpful advice from Coach Christina along the way and took as many classes at the gym as my body could take (some call me crazy for the latter).

Changes in Outlook and Overall Health

(Laughing) I don’t have to avert my eyes quickly when I see myself shirtless in the mirror! Seriously though, when I go for checkups everything is in the green, and in life in general EVERYTHING is easier! Emotionally, it’s wonderful to see the scale at 225lbs…nowhere near 300!!! Just simply moving around and, it may sound silly, but I just fit in things now. I’m still tall and broad shouldered, but movie seats, my truck, airplanes, etc…it’s great!

One Word of Encouragement You’d Give Yourself When Starting Out

“Quit your bitching, you’ll get to have pizza and ice cream again, I PROMISE!!!”

Continuing to Apply Your New Healthy Habits

Macro counting is pretty easy when you get into a rhythm and figure out meal prepping, so there’s just no reason to stop! When it comes to exercise, at SISU with the amazing coaches, great programming, and best of all, all of the awesome members, why wouldn’t you want to be there all the time!?